• MEDIA GALLERY: 'liberia vs everybody' hooded sweatshirt (black)
'Liberia vs Everybody' Hooded Sweatshirt (Black)
'Liberia vs Everybody' Hooded Sweatshirt (Black)

100% Cotton - Black - Hooded Sweatshirt - w/ White Lettering

Liberia, much like Detroit, is a diamond in the rough. It is a place deserving a seat at the table, but unfortunately, too often left out of the conversation. Historically, Liberia represents a symbol of freedom. It was, in fact, established by Freed U.S. slaves who acquired land and laid its foundation at Cape Mesurado in 1821. Its very name means “Land of the Free”! And, as Africa’s oldest republic, Liberia was never subjected to colonial rule. Liberia is a critical piece of the black diaspora.


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