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Everybody Vs COVID-19 Hoodie

 DETROIT VS EVERYBODY  is our rallying slogan to never give up in the face of adversity and to lift others as you lift yourself through the challenges life throws at you. 

The slogan WE created was inspired by DETROIT in 2012 when it appeared to be in its bleakest moment and point of no-return. The challenges facing the city brought out the best and the worst  in people.   

Likewise the coronavirus is bringing out the best and worst in people.  On one hand we have tireless work by government agencies, foundations, researchers out to solve a problem while neighbors unselfishly help neighbors. On the other hand, we see hoarding, doomsayers, and political finger pointing. 

We are producing Everybody VS COVID-19 to remind us that its Everybody against the virus; rather than Everybody against each other. 




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